About David

David Alfin is a family man, small business owner, and job creator. David understands the importance of protecting Palm Coast values. He knows what it takes to ensure our quality of life is not sacrificed by the continued growth and development in our community. David brings smart growth solutions from his diverse private sector experience as well as firsthand knowledge of what our Palm Coast community needs. David Alfin is the Mayor we can trust to put Palm Coast first.

David's Plan for Palm Coast

Quality of Life

David Alfin is committed to protecting our Palm Coast values. For David, that means ensuring our quality of life is protected through public safety, a strong economy, and smart managed growth.

Public Safety

David Alfin will support the Sheriff with the resources needed to ensure public safety.

Strong Economy

As a lifelong fiscal conservative, David Alfin believes the government can operate with less of your hard-earned money. David will establish an Economic Development Council to identify and encourage new opportunities to build a strong economy.

Smart Managed Growth

David Alfin believes in smart managed growth. David will never be a rubber stamp for development. Any project that crosses his desk must benefit our community and our environment.

Help Put Palm Coast First!